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Servicing and maintaining your air conditioning unit whether ducted or split system is vital in increasing the longevity of your ac unit and getting it to work efficiently and effectively.

Our team of qualified AC technicians offer comprehensive and affordable servicing of your air conditioning unit, regardless of the type of ac unit. 

What is involved in an air conditioner maintenance visit?

Our AC technician will come to your property in the Northern Beaches to systematically check all the elements of your unit and make sure they are working as they should, they will be equip to fix any problems they encounter and if the problems are indeed beyond repair, we offer air conditioner installation services too. 

Your aircon servicing will include:

  • Gas pressure checks
  • Checking for any gas leaks
  • checking for any obstructions (a very common cause of ac units breaking down)
  • check filtration, replace
  • check air flow 
  • check outdoor compressor unit to assess drainage/leaks
  • assess electrical wiring and integrity of wires and connection points
  • check that all the functions work as they should (including remote access too)
  • check performance of fan 

If any problems are encountered this is a great opportunity for our technician to repair your air conditioning unit and fix the problems when they are found before they lead to bigger problems including break down of you ac unit. 

  • How often should you have your aircon serviced?

Most manufacturers recommend air conditioner servicing every 12 months. This is on top of changing your aircon filter every 3 months with high usage. 

If your ac is not used regularly the filters can be changed less frequently, use your discretion. Keep in mind that even if your ac is not running, dust can get collected on your filter and start to clog the filter and the pipes. 

Air conditioner cleaning

Regular maintenance and servicing will reduce the dust build up in pipes and on the filter as well as reduce the bacteria and mould that commonly grows inside aircon simply due to the nature of moisture being present and warm air (when the heating element is used in winter). 

Consider the outdoor compressor of your ac unit, it is more readily exposed to leaves, dust and other debris therefore cleaning is particularly important to keep your ac unit functioning and draining optimally. 


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aircon servicing northern beaches

Air Conditioner Servicing

Northern Beaches

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