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Looking to install a new air conditioning unit in your home or office?

Our experienced team install air conditioners of all types in residential and commercial properties across the Northern Beaches of Sydney.

Whether you are building a new home and are thinking to install ducted air conditioning or maybe you are looking to install a split system air conditioning unit in your existing home, we can help you!

The types of AC units that we regularly install:

  • Ducted Air Conditioning Installation

A good option for when you want to heat or cool the whole house effectively. Ducted air conditioners are installed in the ceiling and roof cavities of your home, interconnected by ducts that have outlets in each of the rooms you choose to have them in.

It is a more complex installation than a split system ac therefore requires experience and skills to know how to install as well as where to install the ducts.

The main advantage of ducted air conditioning is that you can control the temperature of you whole house with the press of a button. The main disadvantage is that you will use more energy than if you were cooling or heating a single room that you are in at the time.

The choice of which air conditioning unit you choose is simply based on what you need it to be able to do, your budget and a few other factors such as accessibility (if it is an existing, older home).

Your AC technician will be able to discuss it with you, to determine what type of AC unit will best meet your needs in your Northern Beaches property. 

  • Split System Air Conditioning Installation

The most common installation for our air conditioner technicians: split system air conditioning installation.

They are discreet, energy efficient, fast and gives you a lot of control over your ambient temperature in your home.

Split air conditioners are most appropriate for people who want a fairly straight forward installation of a unit that enables you to control the temperature of a single section of the home. This way you are only changing the temperature of the room which you are in, thereby reducing energy wastage of heating or cooling the entire home.

Location is very important with split system air conditioner installation because the positioning will effect how effective the ac unit is in providing the desired temperature to the room instead of just an area of the room.

The choice that you have to make is what brand of split system air conditioner you want, the capability dependent on the size of the room you wish to control the temperature of.

Consider that temperature control is not just about cooling the air, it is about heating elements too. 

The winter in Sydney although mild comparatively to other countries or even other areas of Australia, does bring with it a chilly few months! 

The comfort of coming home to a cosy home in the Northern Beaches is hard to beat, just as it is when you need relief from a stunning 30+degree day in summer!

Types of Split system air conditioners 

  • Wall mounted split system air conditioners
  • Bulkhead
  • Ceiling Cassette
  • Floor standing
  • Multi Split System Air Conditioning Installation

What is a multi split system AC unit? simply put, it is a selection of ac units (up to 9) that run off a single outdoor condenser unit. 

This type of ac is a great option for houses that cannot accommodate ducted air conditioning installation due to architectural constraints. 

This style of ac unit enables temperature control to be decided room by room but does not require the extensive installation process that ducted air conditioning installation requires. 

Speak to your Northern Beaches AC technician today to find out a bit more about multi system air conditioning units and if they are a good option for your home in the Northern Beaches. 

Once your air conditioning unit is installed, you’ll need to think about air conditioning servicing and maintenance to get the most out of your investment and if anything goes wrong with your unit, know that we offer qualified air conditioner repair services too, at an affordable price. 


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